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Forks Over Knives

If any movie can debunk the myth that animal products are required for optimal health and nutrition it is this one. This may just be the single most influential diet and health film ever made. The thesis of this film may as well be “let food be thy medicine.”- Hypocrates


Entertaining, informative and inspiring, three meat and dairy loving New Yorkers take the ultimate challenge: no meat, dairy or eggs for six weeks.


I watched this movie in two minute increments. That is all I could bare. But I was determined to learn how animals are used and suffer in the food, entertainment, research and clothing industries. I don’t regret watching it. It’s painful but I’m glad I know. This movie has the potential to change lives. It did mine.

Professor Gary Francione “Animals as Food”

Prior to watching this video, I watched Earthlings. So, my eyes were open and I asked myself, “now what do I do?”. Professor Francione answered that question for me. I started watching this video as an omnivore. ?An hour later, I was a vegan and I’ve never looked back. Pretty powerful.


This documentary picks up where Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth left off. Seventy-five percent of Americans consider themselves environmentalists. While this film reminds us that the single most important thing we can do to impact the health of the planet is to adopt a plant-based diet, it examines the question, “why aren’t we hearing this message from environmental organizations?”

Our Hen House

I credit Mariann Sullivan and Jasmine Singer for at least 10 miles of running each week that I wouldn’t do without them. Their podcasts are so informative, I’ll often keep running just so that I can hear the end of a vegan interview, some animal rights news or their entertaining segment “High Anxieties”. They also have a TV show and website all of which have a mission to “change the world for animals.”

Rich Roll Podcast

Rich Roll is a vegan ultra endurance athlete, plant-based diet wellness and nutrition advocate, writer and motivational speaker. His podcasts interviews are excellent and the delivery of his message about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle is inspirational.


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