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Are you interested in learning about Plant-based Cuisine and a vegan lifestyle? I would love to ?use?my training as a Plant-based Professional Cook and my Certification in Plant-based Nutrition to help you?to?create?dishes that are simple-to-prepare, health promoting, delicious, satisfying, nutritionally adequate and budget-friendly. Additionally, as a certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator, I can provide guidance and support regarding the social and emotional questions that may arise for those adopting a vegan lifestyle.


Free Phone Consultation

I am happy to offer a free phone consultation to answer your questions and help you determine whether my coaching services would be helpful for you.


First Coaching Session

Should you decide to hire me, prior to our first session together, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire to provide information about your goals, challenges, and interest in learning about Plant-based Cuisine and/or the Vegan Lifestyle. We will meet or speak on the phone for a forty-five minute session to discuss your responses to the questionnaire, determine achievable goals and strategies for achieving those goals.

  • 45 minute session: $65


Ongoing Coaching Sessions

I will provide coaching in an encouraging, non-judgmental setting tailored to meet your individual goals either by phone or in-person. Some services that may be useful for adapting health-promoting plant-based eating into your diet are pantry makeovers, private cooking instruction in your home and supermarket tours to demystify and locate commonly used plant-based Ingredients. I also offer resource suggestions for topics including eating out, socializing, and meal planning.

  • One 30 minute session – $45
  • One 60 minute session – $80
  • Five 60 minute sessions – $370 ($75/hour)
  • Ten 60 minute sessions – $700 ($70/ hour)

For private cooking classes in your home, I will provide a list of ingredients to be purchased by you in preparation for the cooking sessions. Alternatively, for an additional charge to cover the cost of the ingredients and my time to procure them, I can bring them to your home.


Personalized Recipe Booklet?

Not sure what to cook?or where to find amazing recipes? I can help. Based on your goals, challenges, interests, food aversions and restrictions, I will create a personalized recipe booklet for you that includes nutritional information, kitchen tips and tricks and ingredient demystification. All recipes are fabulous, chosen specifically for you for their ease of preparation, health-promoting attributes and balance of flavor, texture and freshness.

  • Booklet – $200



Please email me at I would love to hear from you!



Diana does not provide personal medical advice. Always work with your physician or qualified health care provider before adjusting medications or making diet changes.???


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