January 6th-February 3rd, 2022



Hello there! I’m excited to share information about my upcoming workshop with you.


Going vegan has been one of the best and most joyful decisions I’ve ever made. It allows me to eat phenomenally delicious, health-promoting food and share it with others. It allows me to connect with wonderful people like you.


The idea of doing this workshop came from years of performing research, catering, providing lifestyle and nutritional coaching, and connecting with people who are curious about vegan living. Over this time, I’ve noticed a consistent theme; people love the food, however, they feel the practical and social challenges of living a vegan lifestyle are just too difficult to overcome. Thus, they are eager for support.


As you know, we are compassionate beings that want to live in a way that minimizes harm to our bodies, the planet and its inhabitants. We are also social beings who want to fit in, and maintain pleasant and amicable relationships with those around us.


At the intersection of these two human qualities lies our challenge. How do we eat vegan in a family of meat eaters? How do we date as vegans? Attend social gatherings? Entertain? Raise children?  Travel? Explain our lifestyle choices to those around us? Respond to others’ curiosity?


Recently, I conducted an extensive research project, and identified the five-factors associated with overcoming these challenges and successfully going and staying vegan. These factors form the framework for this program. I am thrilled to share what I discovered with you.


I invite you to join this course, and follow your curiosity as we explore what vegan living and cooking could mean to you, your life, and the planet. You are most welcome, wherever you are along your plant-based journey. I would love if you’d join me.



Workshop Intentions


  • Learn to prepare delicious, health-promoting, crowd pleasing vegan dishes and understand what makes each of them a nutrition powerhouse.
  • Be part of a small, supportive group that will help to boost your resolve and increase your sense of community, belonging, and self-confidence.
  • Receive a framework that allows for the experience of joy, success and sustainability on your vegan journey, while at the same time nurturing peaceful connections with friends, family and loved ones with ease.




  • 5 sessions, 1 1/2 hours each on Zoom, with a culinary instruction component featuring ten scrumptious recipes
  • Current session available for signup: Thursdays, January 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th and February 3rd. 5:30-7:00 pm ET
  • Regular Cost: $300 , Early-signup Cost: $180 (40% discount) if join by December 1st
  • Questions? Email me at: djgoldman88@gmail.com



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