Nutrition and Health Sites

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Dr Neal Barnard leverages the knowledge and expertise of over 12,000 physicians, government officials and school administrators to promote a plant?based diet for the prevention and treatment of diseases and the promotion of effective ethical research. ?His website is a valuable source of information about health and nutrition and his 21-day vegan kick-start is a useful tool for individuals interested in transitioning to a plant-based diet and looking for some guidance and inspiration.

Nutrition Facts

Dr Michael Greger is a physician and author who provides daily nutritional videos and articles. He is fond of saying he “scours the world’s nutrition research so you don’t have to.” His videos are short, easy to comprehend and entertaining. All proceeds from his books, DVDs and speaking go to charity. Goodness knows where he finds the time. This man is amazing.

T. Colin Campbell Center For Nutritional Studies

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met who have adopted a plant-based diet as a result of watching the documentary Forks Over Knives featuring ?T. Colin Campbell, PhD. He has done a world of good due to?the contributions he has made to nutritional science research and his tireless commitment to educating the public?about the benefits of a plant-based diet and the harmful effects of the standard American one.

Recipe Books/ Sites

Oh She Glows Cookbook

Angella Liddon’s recipes are beautiful, creative, and fun to prepare. If you’re looking for recipes that will consistently elicit comments such as “how can this be vegan” or “i had no idea vegan food could taste this good”, Angela is your go-to girl.

Oh She Glows Website

Angela’s website is gorgeous and she frequently posts recipes. Her foodtography (is that a word?) is stunning.

Isa Does It

I love Isa Chandra Moskowitz and this cookbook. It is the first vegan cookbook I ever owned and I laughed while I learned from this witty and talented woman. Her recipes are delicious and easy. You can trust her. Her recipes work and they impress! Isa will help you and those you feed fall in love with Vegan cuisine. I have no idea how Isa Does It. This woman’s got a gift.

Post Punk Kitchen

This is Isa’s website. Many of her recipes and videos are posted on her site. Watch one. Isa?is very entertaining.

Forks Over Knives

This is one healthy cookbook. It is vegan, featuring whole plant based foods rather than those processed in a factory. It is low-fat without extracted plant oils such as olive, canola and palm. ?Yes it is possible to bake without eggs, butter and oils.?The desserts are heavenly.

My Favorite Beantown Area Vegan/ Vegan Friendly Restaurants


True Bistro, Somerville, MA

Fabulous place! Elegant dining room, hip and up-to-date bar, fine vegan dining with a cheese cake that is heavenly. I’ve eaten in a lot of vegan restaurants all over the country and this is at the very top of the list. Lucky Boston, to have True Bistro right here at home. By the way, you don’t need to be vegan to love this place.?

Whole Heart Provisions, Allston and Cambridge, MA

I love this totally vegan restaurant with order-at-the-counter service and eat-in dining. Order one of the bowls off the menu or make your own by choosing your base, grains and toppings. Whatever you get, it will be beautiful, picture worthy and bursting with flavors.?


Red Lentil, Watertown, MA

Many wonderful vegan appetizers and entrees are on offer at this simple and lovely restaurant a few miles west of Boston. All of their desserts are vegan. We only wish they would bring back their to-die-for rice pudding…my husband’s very favorite dessert ever.

Walnut Grille, Newton, MA

This restaurant?has many vegan options (Gobu Manchurian with a side of brown rice is my favorite) and it’s in my home town. What can I say? I’m lucky and grateful. “Happy with just one vegan friendly restaurant you may ask”??Clearly?my standards are too low. Someone please open a vegan cafe in Newton.

Life Alive, Cambridge, MA

Admittedly, parking in Cambridge isn’t easy. But any self-respecting vegan or foodie interested in vegan cuisine must make the trek in at least once to try the Goddess Bowl with Ginger Nama Shoyu Sauce. Words can not describe. Update: Life Alive has opened other restaurants outside Cambridge. Wohoo!! I’ve been to the cafe on Boylston Street in Boston. The Jackfruit Tacos, Goddess Bowl and Swami are fab!

Fomu, Allston, MA

Fomo pronounced “faux-moo” says it all. If I didn’t have a coconut aversion, I’d be jumping up and down about this non-dairy ice cream parlor/dessert and coffee bar. It is the average vegan’s dream come true with coconut based flavors such as?salted caramel, avocado and chocolate pudding. They make a few flavors of a delicious almond based ice cream too.

Masao’s Kitchen, Waltham, MA

Okay, this is going to be crude. I read a review of this small, simple vegan cafe which stated, “go there if you want to take a good dump.” Believe it or not, that’s a compliment. The food here is healthy, organic wherever possible, plant-based and very fiber rich. And we know how good fiber is for regulating the digestive system. Thus, the review. Need I say more?

Outside of Boston, My?Favorite Vegan/ Vegan Friendly Restaurants

Movies/ Videos / Podcasts / TV Shows


I watched this movie in two minute increments. That is all I could bare. But I was determined to learn how animals are used and suffer in the food, entertainment, research and clothing industries. I don’t regret watching it. It’s painful but I’m glad I know. This movie has the potential to change lives. It did mine.


Entertaining, informative and inspiring, three meat and dairy loving New Yorkers take the ultimate challenge: no meat, dairy or eggs for six weeks.

Forks Over Knives

If any movie can debunk the myth that animal products are required for optimal health and nutrition it is this one. This may just be the single most influential diet and health film ever made. The thesis of this film may as well be “let food be thy medicine.”- Hypocrates

Professor Gary Francione “Animals as Food”

Prior to watching this video, I watched Earthlings. So, my eyes were open and I asked myself, “now what do I do?”. Professor Francione answered that question for me. I started watching this video as an omnivore. ?An hour later, I was a vegan and I’ve never looked back. Pretty powerful.


This documentary picks up where Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth left off. Seventy-five percent of Americans consider themselves environmentalists. While this film reminds us that the single most important thing we can do to impact the health of the planet is to adopt a plant-based diet, it examines the question, “why aren’t we hearing this message from environmental organizations?”

Our Hen House

I credit Mariann Sullivan and Jasmine Singer for at least 10 miles of running each week that I wouldn’t do without them. Their podcasts are so informative, I’ll often keep running just so that I can hear the end of a vegan interview, some animal rights news or their entertaining segment “High Anxieties”. They also have a TV show and website all of which have a mission to “change the world for animals.”

Rich Roll Podcast

Rich Roll is a vegan ultra endurance athlete, plant-based diet wellness and nutrition advocate, writer and motivational speaker. His podcasts interviews are excellent and the delivery of his message about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle is inspirational.


The China Study

Apparently, T. Colin Campbell, PhD argued with his publisher about the title of this book but did not prevail. It sounds a bit dry and certainly does not indicate that the book’s content not only describes the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted but the implications Campbell’s life work has for disease prevention, optimal health and weight-loss. His work is featured in the documentary film Forks Over Knives mentioned above.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition

The name says it all. Julieanna Hever provides a comprehensive?resource for those interested in learning about the health, nutritional and weight-loss benefits of a plant-based diet.

Eat Like You Care

So I watched Professor Francione’s ?video and became?vegan (see above). Soon after, I was faced?with many of my own and others questions. His?book examines the morality of eating animals and ?addresses “buts”?such as “but where do you get your protein”, “but we’re at the top of the food chain”, and “but what if I were on a desert island starving to death?”

The Ultimate Betrayal

Is there such thing as “happy meat”? “Humane slaughter”? Hope Bohanec explores these oxymoronic labels ?as well as ?”grass fed”, “free range” and “cage free” to assess what they truly mean for the lives of animals.

Mind If I Order the Cheeseburger

Brilliance, humor and compassion are a powerful combination and Sherry Colb puts these three traits to use in her?book that explores many questions that arise about veganism. I laughed at her description of the thoughts, for some, evoked by the word vegan, “a bleak and inexplicable asceticism akin to culinary celibacy.”

The World Peace Diet

I saw Will Tuttle speak at the Boston Vegetarian Festival. He is a ?wonderful advocate for the spiritual, societal and planetary benefits of adopting a vegan diet. He is a kind and gentle soul and I had the same reaction seeing him as I did reading his book. I wanted to give him a hug, holds hands in a world peace?circle and sing “Kumbaya”.

Animal Free Clothing

Moo Shoes

Vegan at Zappos

Pangea?- Alternatives for a kinder planet

The Herbivore Clothing Company

Alternative Outfitters?- Vegan boutique

The Greener Good?- it’s all good

Veg News?- Vegan 101: Fashion

The Streets I Know?- Putting the compassion into fashion

Vegan Chic?- Where fashion meets compassion

Nice Shoes?- Vegan. Ethical. Fashionable.

Olsen Haus?- Pure vegan – pioneering. eco. luxury. style. consciousness. freedom. 5D+

Beyond Skin

Stella McCartney

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