Restaurants (Boston)

Whole Heart Provisions, Allston, MA

The goal of chefs Rebecca Arnold and James DiSabatino is to?to create quick,?delicious food, and make veggies the star of the show. Boy do they ever. Their bowls are an extraordinary burst of flavors and textures. I love this place!

True Bistro, Somerville, MA

True Bistro features on many lists highlighting the finest vegan restaurants in the country. Fine dining, upscale cozy decor, quality ingredients, beautiful presentation and impeccable service make for a winning combination.

Red Lentil, Watertown, MA

Many wonderful vegan appetizers and entrees are on offer at this simple and lovely restaurant a few miles west of Boston. All of their desserts are vegan. We only wish they would bring back their to-die-for rice pudding…my husband’s very favorite dessert ever.

Walnut Grille, Newton, MA

This restaurant?has many vegan options (Gobu Manchurian with a side of brown rice is my favorite) and it’s in my home town. What can I say? I’m lucky and grateful. “Happy with just one vegan friendly restaurant you may ask”??Clearly?my standards are too low. Someone please open a vegan cafe in Newton.

Veggie Galaxy, Cambridge, MA

Veggie Galaxy is a classic diner without the meat. The menu is?vegetarian with a nice?selection of vegan options. A favorite, the vegan Sheperd’s Pie, is a flavorful casserole of quinoa, vegetables, garlic mashed potatoes and cranberry-mint chutney.

Life Alive, Cambridge, MA

Admittedly, parking in Cambridge isn’t easy. But any self-respecting vegan or foodie interested in vegan cuisine must make the trek in at least once to try the Goddess Bowl with Ginger Nama Shoyu Sauce. Words can not describe.

Fomu, Allston, MA

Fomo pronounced “faux-moo” says it all. If I didn’t have a coconut aversion, I’d be jumping up and down about this non-dairy ice cream parlor/dessert and coffee bar. It is the average vegan’s dream come true with coconut based flavors such as?salted caramel, avocado and chocolate pudding. They make a few flavors of a delicious almond based ice cream too.

Masao’s Kitchen, Waltham, MA

Okay, this is going to be crude. I read a review of this small, simple vegan cafe which stated, “go there if you want to take a good dump.” Believe it or not, that’s a compliment. The food here is healthy, organic wherever possible, plant-based and very fiber rich. And we know how good fiber is for regulating the digestive system. Thus, the review. Need I say more?

Dosa-n- Curry, Somerville, MA

Vegan + Indian Food= loads of veggies, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds and legumes prepared in wonderful spices. Chose from a variety of dosas, curries, breads, uthappams and rice dishes. The menu is conveniently labeled with vegan, gluten free and spicy icons. Watch out for that chili pepper icon. The chef means business.

Juniper, Wellesley, MA

This is not a vegan or vegetarian restaurant. But the staff is super friendly and accommodating and the few accidentally vegan ?or easy-to-make vegan dishes on the menu are outstanding. ?My husband and I love the Mediterranean spiced dips & spreads (red pepper and pecan, fava bean hummus and butternut squash), lentil soup, beet salad and farro risotto.



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