Do you love to cook but are looking to expand your repertoire to include plant-based dishes? Do you eat a plant-based diet but find the dishes time-consuming or hard to prepare? Do you wonder whether it is possible to obtain the necessary nutrients on a plant-based diet? I can help and would love to teach you! My classes?are focused on addressing misconceptions about Plant-based Cuisine and teaching participants that it can be health promoting, nutritionally adequate, satisfying , delicious, easy-to-prepare and affordable.

I offer a large variety of themed classes including:

  • Plant-based Proteins: Tofu, Tempeh and Seitan
  • Vegan Bowls from around the World
  • Fermentation and the Wonders of Probiotics
  • Vegan Italiano
  • Viva Mexicano
  • Vegan Baking and Artisanal Chocolate Making
  • Life without Cheese
  • Tastes of Asia
  • Soups and Salads

Cooking Classes

Diana is the host of the Sierra Club plant-based cooking show and Beantown Kitchen You Tube Cooking Show. She also teaches a variety of welcoming, interactive and informative private and public on-line cooking classes. 

Upcoming Classes

Send Diana an email to request a list of upcoming classes. 

Private or group cooking classes and parties

These classes are very popular for team building, birthday parties, girls nights out and family gatherings. Diana works with you to choose menus that are specially tailored for the guests to enjoy.

 Public Cooking Classes

Diana also teaches classes at various venues in the greater Boston area including Community and Educational Organizations, Public Libraries, Community Centers and Houses of Worship.


Jazz Up Your Veggies Program

Diana teaches grant-funded plant-based cooking classes designed to show low-income groups that the cuisine is satisfying, nutritional adequate, health promoting, delicious, easy to prepare and affordable. Particular attention is paid to the connection between our food choices and diseases such as Obesity, Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes and certain Cancers. The evidence-based Jazz Up Your Veggies program has proven that attitudes and behaviors can be changed. The program has been funded by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation, Roxbury Tenants of Harvard and Mission Hill Health Movement.



Please email Diana at She would love to hear from you!



Diana does not provide personal medical advice. Always work with your physician or qualified health care provider before adjusting medications or making diet changes.




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