Oh She Glows Cookbook

Angela Liddon’s recipes are beautiful, creative, and fun to prepare. If you’re looking for recipes that will consistently elicit comments such as “how can this be vegan” or “i had no idea vegan food could taste this good”, Angela is your go-to girl.

Oh She Glows Website

Angela’s website is gorgeous and she frequently posts recipes. Her foodtography (is that a word?) is stunning.

Isa Does It

I love Isa Chandra Moskowitz and this cookbook. It is the first vegan cookbook I ever owned and I laughed while I learned from this witty and talented woman. Her recipes are delicious and easy. You can trust her. Her recipes work and they impress! Isa will help you and those you feed fall in love with Vegan cuisine. I have no idea how Isa Does It. This woman’s got a gift.

Post Punk Kitchen

This is Isa’s website. Many of her recipes and videos are posted on her site. Watch one. Isa?is very entertaining.

Forks Over Knives

This is one healthy cookbook. Actually, there are a variety of Forks Over Knives cookbooks, all very good. They are vegan, featuring whole plant based foods rather than those processed in a factory. It is low-fat without extracted plant oils such as olive, canola and palm. ?Yes it is possible to bake without eggs, butter and oils.?The desserts are heavenly.

The Plant Pure Nation Cookbook

Kim Campbell is a talented recipe developer gifted in the art of developing flavor without typical short-cuts that use lots of oil, sugar and salt. Her recipes are whole foods plant based, dependable and crowd-pleasing.?



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