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Best Crispy Tofu

This FABULOUS dish is a must try for anyone who thinks tofu is unappealing, mushy and bland. The pressing method is the trick for creating the crispy texture and the spices totally transform the tofu's flavor from blah to addictive. You've been warned. Best Crispy...

Simple Oil-Free Hummus

Simple Oil-Free Hummus

How much do you love hummus? If you are like many people I speak to, hummus may just be one of your top ten favorite foods. That's a great thing. The base of hummus is made from chickpeas. They are a super health-promoting food and are an excellent source of protein,...

Calcium Rich Green Smoothie

Calcium Rich Green Smoothie

'Here's one of the most prevailing and long-lasting health myths: If you want to have strong teeth and bones, you must drink milk. The fact is, you don't need to drink milk (or consume any dairy at all for that matter) to obtain all of the calcium you need. When I was...

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