I am so grateful to Kris Carr for granting permission to create a video of her wonderful Save the Tuna Salad on Rye.



There are so many reasons I think you should try it. It is a fabulous plant-based dish that is easy-to-prepare, satisfying, delicious and health promoting. In the video, I compare this vegan  tuna salad with a traditional tuna salad. Spoiler alert..the plant-based version is the hands-down health promoting winner.


Here is the link to Kris Carr and Chad Sarno’s recipe: http://kriscarr.com/recipe/save-the-tuna-salad-on-rye/.


While Kris Carr’s Team Crazy Sexy, did give permission to post this recipe, there is no affiliation between any of their work and me, Diana Goldman, or my business Beantown Kitchen.


I also mentioned the wonderful work of Chef Chad Sarno, VP of education at Rouxbe Online Cooking School. Here is the link for the Plant-based Certification course.  If you are curious about plant-based cooking or are looking to up your kitchen game, then I highly recommend this course. I loved it!


Lastly, in the video, I pointed out two films; What the Health and Forks Over Knives. Both of them address all sorts of myths about the Standard American Diet including the myth that the more animal protein we eat the better off we are. They are very impactful videos; many people tell me the movies caused a change in the way they think about food and subsequently their diet choices.


Well there you go, that’s lots of information for you. Thanks so much for stopping by.


With warmest wishes to you xo,



Kris Carr's Save the Tuna Salad on Rye

Course Main Dish, Salad
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